First Science Festival in Serbia

On 1st and 2nd of December, Belgrade was totally immersed in science! The first Science Festival was a resounding success with more than 10 000 visitors and impressive press coverage.

SCL made significant cntributions to the Festival. SCL's Jelena Grujić, was co-author (together with Jelena Uzunović from the Petnica Science Center) and organizer of the exhibition “Physics Strikes Back”. With the help of 30 student volunteers they preparing and presenting more than 50 experiments and demonstrations. One of the key presenters was SCL's Branimir Acković.

Prof. Aleksandar Bogojevic gave a lecture “Economy of Immortality”.

The festival was also supported by studensts and researchers form other IPB labs, most notably by Ana Bankovic from the Laboratory for Gaseous Electronics, Dejan Pantelic and Svetlana Savic-Sevic from Laboratory for Optics and Lasers and Novica Paunovic from Centre for Solid State Physics and New Materials helped on preparing the exhibition “Physics Strikes Back”. Zoran Petrovic invited Dr. Steven Buckman from Australia, who gave lecture “Antimatter – Does it Matter”.

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