Acceptable use policy

The PARADOX cluster (“PARADOX”, “cluster”, “resources”, “system”) is used among multiple users in a shared way, thus your actions can have serious impact on the system and can affect other users. The following policies and rules are in place to ensure proper and fair use of the computing resources, as well as to prevent unauthorized or malicious use.

User accountability

PARADOX users are accountable for their actions. Violations of policy, procedure, and security rules may result in applicable administrative sanctions or legal actions. Users are requested to report any computer security issues and incidents of possible misuse or violation of the account policies to paradox@ipb.ac.rs.

Resource use

The use of PARADOX is restricted to academic and research purposes only. Users are responsible for using resources in an efficient, effective, ethical, and lawful manner. The use of resources for personal or private benefit is prohibited. The use of resources to support illegal, fraudulent, or malicious activities is prohibited. Users are required to use resources in accordance with these rules, efficiently, and in a way that does not interfere with or impair the work of other users.

Usernames and passwords

A user identifier (username) and an associated password are required for all PARADOX users in order to access the cluster. Users are responsible for protecting the associated password. Users should keep passwords confidential and ensure that passwords are of reasonable strength. Passwords must be changed at the request of the PARADOX operational team.

Account usage

All accounts on PARADOX are personal. Users of the PARADOX cluster are not permitted to share their accounts with each other or with persons that do not have an account. To request special data-sharing arrangements among a group of users, you should send a message to hpc-admin@ipb.ac.rs.

The access to PARADOX clusters is permitted only via a secure communication channel (e.g., SSH) to the respective master or gateway login node. Compute nodes are intended for handling heavy computational work and must be accessed via the resource management system (Torque/Slurm) only. Direct access to compute nodes is not permitted.

Users should not make copies of system configuration files (e.g., the password file) for unauthorized personal use, nor to provide such information to other users or outside personnel.

Software and data

Users should not attempt to access any data or programs contained on the cluster system for which they do not have authorization or explicit consent of the owner of the data/program. Users shall not download, install, or run security-related programs or utilities that reveal weaknesses in the security of the PARADOX systems. Installation of software on the cluster must include a valid license (if applicable). No software will be installed on the cluster without prior proof of license eligibility. All such information has to be communicated to PARADOX operation team by sending a message to paradox@ipb.ac.rs.

PARADOX resources should be used to store only data directly related to the research being undertaken by the user on the cluster. Resources are never to be used for storing any data not directly related to the current research, unless explicitly approved by the PARADOX operational team.

Data stored on PARADOX are not subject to backup. Users are responsible for securing and backing up any data copied to or generated on PARADOX.

Resource scheduling

All computational jobs run on the cluster systems must be submitted via the resource management system (Torque/Slurm). This enables resources to be sensibly allocated and most efficiently used.

Master and gateway nodes are used for interactive work required to prepare computational tasks, as well as pre-processing and post-processing, works such as source code editing, compilation, program testing, job submission, and data analysis. There is a 15-minute CPU time limit for any process on the login nodes. All processes that use more than 15 minutes may be terminated without notice.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by e-mail: paradox@ipb.ac.rs.

Changes to the acceptable use policy

The PARADOX cluster acceptable use policy will be amended and reviewed periodically, and the Scientific Computing Laboratory, Center for the Study of Complex Systems of the Institute of Physics Belgrade reserve the right to modify and update the present terms whenever deemed necessary, whereas any changes shall become effective after publication on the https://www.scl.rs/PARADOX_User_Guide/policies/acceptable-use-policy.html.