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Darko Tanasković
Research Professor
PhD 2005, Florida State University
darko [dot] tanaskovic [at] scl [dot] rs

The research of Darko Tanasković is focused on the theoretical study of strongly correlated electronic systems. This research is relevant for materials like heavy fermions and high-temperature superconductors in which the valent electrons experience strong Coulomb repulsion because of their spatial confinement in d or f orbitals. Strong correlation effects are also important in two-dimensional high mobility MOSFETs which show clear signatures of metal-insulator transition, providing an interesting playground for a study of the novel physical phenomena, as well as a promise for new technological applications. The research is conducted within the dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) and its extensions. The DMFT fully takes into account quantum fluctuations, and is therefore capable of capturing many physical properties inaccessible to the standard mean-field theory, and represents a natural framework for a systematic study of the effects of strong electron-electron interaction.

Selected Publications