SCL Receives PROMIS Funding

A team of SCL researchers is one of the 59 participants of the PROMIS program funded by the Serbian Science Fund. The call for PROMIS projects was the first of its kind, and was intended for young scientists who got their PhD in the past 10 years. The projects were selected in a tough competition, out of the total of 585 proposals. Among 59 approved projects, 26 are from the field of natural and mathematical sciences, 11 from technological sciences, 8 from medical sciences, 9 from bio-technical sciences, and 5 from social and humanistic studies.

Project named Cold Atoms, Hubbard Model and Holography: Key to Strange Metals is led by SCL's researcher Jakša Vučičević, with Mihailo Čubrović, Ivana Vasić and Ana Hudomal completing the 4-person team. The duration of the project is 24 months with total approved founding of nearly 200 thousand euros.

The scientific goal of the project is a better understanding of the strange metal phase which is common in a wide class of high-temperature superconductors. The team will employ a systematic approach, where numerical simulations will be compared to quantum simulations as well as phenomenological and dual gravitational theories. The work will be divided in three lines, headed by three of the senior members of the team: Jakša will work on improving the numerical methods for the calculation of observables that can be directly measured in quantum simulations of the Hubbard model with cold atoms trapped in optical lattices; Mihailo will use the results of numerical simulations to try and identify the best gravitational dual for the Hubbard model; Ivana will work on the quantum critical regime of the Mott transition in the bosonic Hubbard model, which is believed to hold valuable insight to the physics of the strange metal.

We congratulate Jakša and his team for this achievement.