EGEE induction Grid training for users

As a part of EGEE-III NA3 activities, a one day user-oriented training event has been organized by SCL at the Institute of Physics Belgrade on September 19, 2008. The aim of the training was to provide users with basics of Grid computing and gLite services. The participants are also given introduction to EGEE-III, and an overview of SEE-GRID-SCI project and AEGIS activities. Basic usage of the gLite middleware is presented in several hands-on sessions with demonstrations. More than 20 researches and students from different Serbian research Institutes participated in this event.


  • Openning (5 min.) - Aleksandar Belic
  • Overview of the training (5 min.) - Dusan Vudragovic
  • Introduction to cluster computing and Grid environment (45 min.) - Antun Balaz
    Introduction to cluster computing
    Introduction to Grid environment
  • EGEE, SEE-GRID-SCI and AEGIS infrastructure and projects (45. min.) - Antun Balaz
    Overview of EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE)
    Overview of SEE-GRID-SCI (SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience)
    Overview of AEGIS (Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia)
  • Obtaining and using grid certificate (30 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    Certification Authority role
    How to obtain certificate
    How to use certificate
  • Grid services (90 min.) - Dusan Vudragovic
    Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS)
    Berkely Database Information Index (BDII)
    Workload Management System (WMS)
    Logging and Bookkeeping service (LB)
    Computing element (CE)
    Storage Element (SE)
    File Transfer Service (FTS)
    MyProxy service (PX)
    Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture (RGMA)
    Logical File Catalog (LFC)
    ARDA Metadata Grid Application (AMGA)
  • How to use computing resources at Grid (60 min.) - Dusan Vudragovic
    Job Description Language (JDL)
    Types of jobs
    Workload management
    MPI on the Grid
    GNU vs. PGI compiler
  • How to use storage resources at Grid (45 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    File transfer protocols
    LFC tutorial
  • Other useful resources at Grid (30 min.) - Vladimir Slavnic
    AMGA tutorial
  • Subversion tutorial (45 min.) - Dusan Vudragovic
    How to use subversion from command line intefrace
    How to use subversion with Eclipse

Further information are available at phyWiki page together with training photo gallery.

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