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Nikola Prodanović
Assistant Research Professor
PhD 2014, University of Leeds
nikola [dot] prodanovic [at] scl [dot] rs

The research interests of Nikola Prodanovć are related to theoretical modeling of electronic, vibrational, optical and transport properties of inorganic semiconductor nanostructures and organic crystals with the special emphasis on potential applications of these structures in optoelectronic devices.

Up to now, his studies were focused on electronic and optical properties of quantum wells and quantum rods (hybrid elongated dot-well structures) and vibrational properties of self-assembled quantum dots.
Most recently, his research was focused on transport properties of nanocrystal solids (colloidal quantum dot supercrystals) with the emphasis on electron-phonon interaction.
Nikola is also interested in quantum and optical systems exhibiting bound solutions (either optical modes or electronic states) embedded within the continuum part of spectra.
Currently, his research is focused on transport properties of organic crystals.

Selected Publications