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Igor Franović
Research Professor
PhD 2013, University of Belgrade
igor [dot] franovic [at] scl [dot] rs

The main research interests of Igor Franović lie with the collective dynamics and self-organization in macroscopic ensembles comprised of excitable or bursting units influenced by noise and delayed interactions. For the class of excitable systems, on one hand he aims to conceptually extend the analogy with the complex synchronization phenomena encountered in populations of coupled phase oscillators, and on the other hand, he pursues the study on stability and stochastic bifurcations affecting the onset or the suppression of the collective mode. With his colleagues, he has recently developed an approximate mean-field model that can qualitatively account for the stochastic stability and the stochastic bifurcations exhibited by the macroscopic variables of systems described in terms of large sets of stochastic delay-differential equations. Apart from combining the methods of statistical physics and the theory of nonlinear dynamics, Franović is also interested in the theory of complex networks, focusing on modular networks of bursting units and the analysis on the relationship between the structural and functional networks in neuronal systems. From lately, his work also includes the application of the theory of nonlinear dynamics in interdisciplinary studies, such as the one on modeling the motion of earthquake faults.

Selected Publications